Sara Krieger Voiceover Resume
American Express, Ambipure, Ally Bank, AT&T, AARP, Ballentine Books, Band-aid, Bridgestone Tires, Burger King, Butler Memorial Hospital, Campbell's Soup, Canon, Chase Bank, Cialis, Citibank, Colgate, Dermabond, Downy, Estee Lauder, EZOff, Fairview Hospital, Givenchy, GM, Godiva, Harvard, Vanguard, Hess, HIP, Homepride Bread, International Delight, Lord & Taylor, Lysol, Mercedes Benz, Microsoft,, Minwax, National Flood Insurance, Nextel, Old Spice, Orencia (currently), Pfizer, Singer Assets, Spiriva, Sunbeam, Teletubbies, Thermasilk, 3M Command Adhesive, Tic-Tac, T. Rowe Price, Today's Man, Tropicana, Unicer, Valtrex, Wella Hair Care, and many others…
ABC World News Tonight, Bloomberg Radio (Acct.) CNBC, Court TV, Discovery, BBC, Fox TV- Chicago (Acct.) The Hallmark Channel, HBO, The Health Channel, HGTV (Acct.) The Learning Channel, WPXI Pa., WSB TV- Atlanta, others
Benzel-Busch, Calvin Klein, Citibank Glamour Magazine, Hallmark, IBM Instructional Systems McNeil Nutritionals, Merck, Osteobiflex, others
The Late Show With David Letterman (currently)


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